The purpose of Building Regulation Part F 2010 - F1 'Means of ventilation' is to ensure that 'adequate means of ventilation is provided for people in the building’, therefore improving the performance of the building and the indoor air quality for occupants of both new and existing dwellings in the UK

By providing air from outside to breath, ventilation contributes to the dilution and removal of pollutants as well as a reduction in humidity and condensation. This creates a more pleasant environment and relief for sufferers of asthma and allergies. Shown below are the four various ways of ventilating a dwelling



At the foot of this page are 2 videos published on YouTube that provide the key points to ensuring correct installation of System Type's 1 & 2. Video's for System Types 3 & 4 will be published soon and will appear on this page.

Building Regulation Part L requires buildings to be 'better sealed' and 'more airtight'. In the new Part F 2010 Document, provisions have been designed to ventilate buildings having air permeability down to 3m³/hr/m² at 50 Pa, therefore allowing designers to plan to ‘worst case’ as Building Regulation document Part L allows air permeability up to 10 m³/hr/m²

The 2010 Part F Document now requires 'in situ' testing of ventilation systems to  ensure they have been installed correctly and perform to the design value. (See video's below for guide to installation)

Shown left is the meter used for testing air-flow of ventilation units

R P Compliance Testing Ltd have fully trained and qualified 'Bpec' test engineers to carry out the necessary 'inspect, test & commission' to provide completion certificates & reports, which results in points being awarded for SAP calculations to improve the overall energy performance rating

All measuring equipment used to carry out tests is calibrated to UKAS requirements by BSRIA, UKAS Calibration Laboratory No. 0807

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 System Type 1 - Background Ventilators & Intermittent Extract Fans

System Type 2 - Passive Stack Ventilation