Thermal imaging is an extremely effective technique for immediately detecting, visualising and recording temperature differences, heat loss and anomalies. The applications are numerous and varied

It can be used to detect precise areas in the building envelope that contribute to draughts and heat loss, such as around services, through gaps, poorly fitted windows and doors, breaks in insulation, etc

  The image shown left demonstrates heat loss (yellow/orange areas) through the fabric of the building

Moisture is also an efficient conductor of heat energy and wet insulation is in fact worse than having no insulation at all, and thermography can display surface temperature variations that provide information in the underlying structure

R P Compiance Testing Ltd have the lastest calibrated equipment to carry out a thermal survey of your property, which will enable identification of areas with potential for improvement that could result in considerable savings for your energy bills. Thermal imaging is also included with our Air Tightness Test service. (Note: this service is normally only available through the colder winter months)

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